DirecTV VS Verizon Fios

If you are planning to avail the best TV services for your household and are still confused about which one would be better for you either Directv from AT&T or Verizon Fios from Verizon. Then don’t worry here we break down some features and offerings of both Tv services so you can choose the best plan for your household.

What is Directv?

Directv is provided by AT&T company and it is a satellite TV service. One of the top features of direct TV is that they offer various packages to their customers which includes an immense amount of TV channels with the feature of internet integration which makes it one of the popular choices among the users. As direct TV is a satellite TV service so unlike other TV services they require a receptor dish to be installed at your household which will pick the signal from satellites.

Features of Directv

Here are some features of Directv 

  • Directv is one of the most famous satellite TV services in the USA.
  • Directv offers unlimited availability for its users. They have a large network and cover many states of the U.S.A.
  • As a directV user, you have the facility to watch popular TV shows and hit movies 24/7.
  • The premium entertainment feature gives you how to use DirecTV virtually from anywhere to your smart devices.
  • Genie DVR feature allows you to record up to 200 hours of your favorite shows and videos.
  • Directv also supports 4K HDR picture format.

What is Verizon Fios Tv?

The Verizon Fios Tv is provided by the Verizon fiber-optic network from now it has a small audience compared to Directv. In their subscription package, they offer customer optimization of the channel on-demand videos and on the other hand, the TV services are integrated with the Fios internet.

Features of Fios Tv : 

Some features of Fios tv are described below:

  • It is a fiber optic TV service from Verizon.
  • It offers a customized TV plan where you can stream your favorite shows and also get 1000 off on-demand titles.
  • Some other features include a premium package and an advanced DVR system.
  • A voice remote
  • And it also offers a 4K  picture format.

Comparison Between Directv & Fios Tv

Now you are pretty much aware of the features of  DirecTV and Fios TV. Let’s jump to a brief comparison which will help you to choose the better TV services for your home.


Availability of dish TV services in your area is important for you to enjoy their services like we know that Directv is a satellite-based TV service so it is available for a wider audience in the U.S.A. On the other hand, the availability of Fios Tv is limited to a few cities in the U.S.

On-demand Titles: 

Fios offers more on-demand titles for their audience compared to Directv.

DVR Services: 

The digital video recording tool is one of the essential features for some users to record their favorite shows.

The DirecTV services offer Genie HD DVR which can record five shows simultaneously.

It gives you an option of 200 hours of HD and 800 hours of SD recording.

Fios Tv offers 3 DVR options. With the help of a single room DVR, you can record two shows at a time and it gives you 20 hours of HD recording. While the multi-room DVR services give you 100 hours of HD  recording.


Directv is a satellite Tv service so bad weather can impact the connectivity of the services while Fios tv is a fiber-optic network so bad weather can rarely impact its operations.

Channels availability : 

The Directv offers a wider selection of channels while Fios tv has fewer channels compared to the Directv services.

Contract : 

If you are a new user of direct TV then you can get 24-month programming commitments for older users can get a new 12 to 24-month commitment when they upgrade their equipment. These are applied in the case when they move to another location or subscribe to other packages and offers. 

If you voluntarily terminate your services and maintain the minimum requirements then you have to pay a termination fee of up to $20 while on the other hand there is no contract in Verizon Fios and there is no termination fee and you can return all the instruments within the 30 days. You have to pay for the unreturned equipment in both cases.


Both Directv and Fios Verizon offer a bundle of their services to customers for a better experience. With TV services you can get the best Internet offers from Verizon and AT&T. 

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There are multiple advantages of using Directv services like you can enjoy AT&T internet bundles and different packages, and you can also get an NFL Sunday ticket while on the other hand, through Verizon you can enjoy a faster speed with unlimited data.

While we have seen that there is limited coverage provided by Verizon on the other hand the DirecTV services have wider access. Now it’s your choice, you can avail of these services according to your location and plans or if you need any additional aid then you can call us at 888-270-5778 to get assistance for choosing the best Tv services at cheaper rates and better packages at your location.

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