4 ways to promote your scented candle sale online

Everyone loves scented candles. They’re soothing, they smell great, and they make for fantastic home decor too! Which is why a sale on your scented candle store would be a fantastic way for you to boost traffic on your website. 

There are so many ways you can promote a sale on your scented candles, and we’ve shortlisted a bunch of these ideas for you. Try them out!

1. Create attractive hero images and product displays to announce your sale 

If you want to sell your scented candles to customers, you need to first show your customers just how great your scented candles look. That means spending time and effort into creating fabulous product display mockups. 

Lucky for you, you don’t have to create these from scratch. Online design and marketing tools like PosterMyWall can help you create custom hero images and product display mockups to help you show off your scented candle product line in style. 

Make sure to keep your scented candles as the centerpiece of your hero image. Photograph your most aesthetically pleasing candles for this strategy. Add it to a neutral yet vibrant background to make sure the product stands out. Once it’s done, post it on your website and social media to gain traction and announce your sale in style. You can create one display for your most popular product, or even multiple displays to showcase all the different types of candles you make. 

2. Create an aesthetic environment and post it on social media 

Candles are all about good aesthetics, and it’s up to you to show your customers exactly how aesthetic they can be. To do this, create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environment with your candles to show your followers the different ways they can use your products. You can set up a small, dimly lit space with some scented candles and let your customers know they can be used to set up a comforting atmosphere. You can create a romantic setup with some of your products to give your customers ideas about how to surprise their significant other on Valentine’s Day. You can even show your candles being set at casual places around the house to show how multipurpose they are. 

Add all of these visuals to your Instagram to maximize your reach and add a CTA with every post to show customers where they can get this product. 

3. Encourage user-generated content to create hype 

One of the best ways to sell a product is to show customers how well received that product is. And nothing beats the free publicity you get from genuine user-generated content. 

Create a fun hashtag about your scented candles and encourage past customers to share how they use your product through a fun picture. You can use a simple but engaging hashtag like #Scentedcandlelove and get customers to post about their experiences for a chance to win a free scented candle of their choice. 

This will not only get you free reviews, but will also help you promote your sale by sharing all these posts on your own social media profile. 

4. Use Instagram stories to show how your candles are made

Candle-making is always a fun process to watch, and by focusing on the right parts of the process, you can get a lot of traction through a fun behind-the-scenes of how your scented candles are made. 

Use Instagram stories to post snippets of how your candles are produced. You can make the clips more aesthetically pleasing by showing closeups of the wax, showing how you infuse different scents into the candle, and displaying fun before and after clips of the process. This will allow your customers to see how much effort you put into your product, and will give the illusion that your product is luxurious and desirable. Add calming music to the background for a relaxing vibe and turn your candle-making process into a visual experience for your customers. 

You can create different versions of these behind-the-scenes videos for different types of candles and post them frequently leading up to and during the sale, along with CTAs leading directly to the product so that the customer can purchase it with ease.

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Final thoughts

Selling scented candles might be a fun business, but it does come with its challenges. You have to find the right customers, show the right ambiance, and make sure you always maintain a certain aesthetic. Luckily, these tips will help you promote your sales in new, unique ways so your business can thrive. 

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