Best Scrum Tools for Project Management

For project managers, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to staying organized and meeting deadlines. That’s why Scrum tools have become so popular—they make it easier than ever to keep track of tasks, anticipate roadblocks, and prioritize projects. However, with the countless options available today, selecting the best scrum tool for your specific needs can seem daunting.

To help you out, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of our top picks for effective Scrum tools that will enable you to manage projects more efficiently and ensure optimal performance from your team.

Keep reading to discover which ones make sense for your organizational goals!

About Scrum

Scrum is an Agile methodology that focuses on delivering tangible results quickly. It increases the transparency, flexibility, and accountability among team members by providing structure to the way projects are completed. This allows teams to adapt to rapidly changing environments in a creative and flexible manner. Additionally, Scrum encourages collaboration between team members and provides a structure for each step of the development process from planning all the way to releasing products.

By putting processes in place to ensure progress is made efficiently throughout the project’s life cycle, Scrum helps organizations reach goals faster and with better quality outcomes.

Use of Agile Scrum Tool

The use of Agile Scrum Tool is a valuable asset in today’s corporate environment. It offers organizations the ability to remain agile, especially during a time of rapid change and uncertainly.

With Agile Scrum Tool, teams can quickly determine which projects should be prioritized while immediately identifying potential problems that may arise throughout the development process.

Agile Scrum Tool also has comprehensive tracking features that enable teams to monitor progress in real time, helping them stay organized and on task with minimal effort.

Overall, Agile Scrum Tool is anessential tool for maximizing efficiency and streamlining project management processes.

Best Scrum Tools

Here are the best scrum tools for project management that you can use.


ActiveCollab Scrum is an effective project management tool designed to maximize productivity and collaboration among teams. It offers a range of features including burndown charts to monitor progress, task lists to keep everything organized, team goals and timelines to set expectations, and the ability to assign tasks directly to team members.

With ActiveCollab Scrum’s easy-to-use dashboard, team members can communicate effectively on progress, hold each other accountable for deadlines, and ensure that tasks are completed on time. Whether you’re managing small or large teams, ActiveCollab Scrum provides the tools necessary for successful project delivery.

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easyBacklog is an innovative Scrum tool that provides agile teams with the necessary tools to plan, manage, and track their projects. With this user-friendly software, teams are better equipped to maximize their resources and optimize results.

Using simple drag-and-drop features and color-coded swimlanes, users can easily prioritize tasks, monitor progress, and optimize workflow between each team member. Advanced metrics allow for comprehensive reporting of project completion metrics on both an individual and team level.

Additionally, easyBacklog gives users the ability to securely integrate with third-party applications such as Slack or Trello in order to improve collaboration and communication throughout the development process. These unique features make easyBacklog the perfect solution for any creative or development challenge.

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ClickUp is a modern, efficient scrum tool for business management. It is designed to help create and manage projects quickly and easily, from all over the world.

It provides an intuitive interface to streamline all aspects of a project, including milestones, tasks, goals, deadlines and more. With flexible custom workflows tailored to fit any process, ClickUp allows teams of any size to collaborate with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Additionally, the comprehensive reporting capabilities makes it easy to track progress and performance on a project throughout its entire lifecycle.

In short, ClickUp is an invaluable asset for growing businesses striving to maximize their workflow productivity and success rate.


MeisterTask is an intuitive Scrum tool that breaks down complex team projects into achievable tasks. It offers a highly visual, user-friendly layout and powerful workflow control. With its project management kanban board, you can easily customize your view according to project milestones, deliverables or even assignees.

Its drag-and-drop design allows users to quickly rearrange tasks or create subtasks with just a few clicks. The tool also features integrations with popular apps like Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Trello.

MeisterTask ensures seamless collaboration between teams across multiple departments so that each team member is aware of any changes in real time. For smooth running projects and successful outcomes, this all-in-one solution is an excellent choice for your development team’s needs.


OrangeScrum is a great scrum tool perfect for agile teams that want to improve collaboration and productivity. It includes robust features to help teams manage sprints, backlogs and several other iterations.

Teams can take advantage of OrangeScrum’s task tray, project board and reporting tools without any prior setup or installation; it is all available in the cloud. This scrum tool is highly interactive, intuitive and user-friendly which allows users to quickly understand how to use it regardless of their technical experience.

All tasks associated with your project from initiation to completion can be managed through OrangeScrum, making it an ideal solution for any agile team seeking a powerful single platform for managing complex projects.


ScrumDo is a powerful, user-friendly Scrum tool designed to help teams organize, track and manage their projects with ease. It is an intuitive platform that enables teams to quickly break down tasks into sprints and easily share relevant information, allowing for smoother operations.

With its deep integration with email and Slack, users can keep each other in the loop by receiving notifications about activities or progress of tasks at any time. Its performance-tracking metrics also give you a quick overview of your team’s progress regularly, helping to ensure goals are achieved on time.

Best of all, it offers unbeatable value as a cost-effective solution that can really benefit small businesses and larger enterprises alike.

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