Jetski Dubai: The 4 best jet ski rentals

With a population of more than three million people, Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is one of the most visited in the world.

In Dubai, you will find the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa), with a height of more than 828 meters. Luxury is a top priority in Dubai and once you are here, you will be impressed by this majestic city.

With a breathtaking backdrop (the skyline of Dubai), you can also go jet skiing excellently.

It is a special experience to be able to watch some of the most famous and imposing sights in the world while jet-skiing from the water. This article, therefore, presents the best jet ski rentals in all of Dubai.

So you have the first point of contact,remote control nitro boats in terms of borrowing the coveted watercraft. The ranking of the distributors does not correspond to a rating and serves only as an overview.

Rental #1: Popeye Jetski

Popeye Jetski offers state-of-the-art equipment (typical Dubai) and offers interested people a jet ski experience in a class of its own.

There is a whole team of highly trained instructors at your side, who ensure that the ride with a jet ski from “Popeye Jetski” is an unforgettable experience. Various guided tours are offered to admire some of Dubai’s most famous sights from the water.

These include, for example, the world-famous Burj al Arab – a popular spot again and again. From the water it is possible to take great photos. It is not necessary to have a jet ski license if you want to rent a corresponding watercraft from “Popeye Jetski”.

Each vehicle can only be obtained in the presence of a guide. These are always on board. It is mandatory to wear a life jacket, so under special safety precautions people can also come along who do not necessarily have to be able to swim.

Through the life jacket and the guide, a risk of misfortune is minimized – of course, it should be said at this point that it would be better for your own safety if jet skiing people should learn to swim independently and safely before embarking on such an adventure.

Rental #2: Nemo Watersports

This provider offers the whole range of watercraft for rent. From the yacht to the jet ski, interested parties can rent everything here. The jet skis are state-of-the-art and are supervised by a team of experts.

As a result, the equipment is always in the best condition. Before a jet ski can be rented, the usual safety briefing takes place. After this instruction has taken place, the trip can already start.

During the briefing, the correct handling of the jet ski is discussed and any questions are answered by the employees of “Nemo Watersports”. Tours are led by an instructor. This drives ahead and the group then follows it.

For the best possible stay at “Nemo Watersports” drinks are provided, as the temperatures in Dubai can rise quite a bit, especially over the summer months. Life jackets are mandatory when riding jet skis and every person who rides or rides on the jet ski must wear such a life jacket.

Click here for the website of the provider.

Rental #3: Ride in Dubai

Ride in Dubai specializes in jet skis and flyboards. A flyboard is a special water sports equipment that allows the person standing on it to hover over the water.

These devices are generally used together with jet skis, so they can only be used where the use of jet skis is allowed. If you fancy jet skiing at Ride in Dubai, you can choose the right option for you between different tour offers.

Sightseeing tours or even just a few well-known spots can be visited as part of the excursions with the jet ski. That is up to everyone personally. Before the excursion starts, there is a safety briefing, which is carried out by one of the experienced trainers.

As part of this program,best rc cars for kids the jet ski riders receive all the knowledge with which the excursion can be optimized and a potential accident risk minimized.

Beginners can safely go jet skiing and combine flyboarding. The instructors conscientiously prepare each interested person for one of the two – or both – activities. Especially with flyboarding, the height is increased only slowly, so an increase in performance is given without too much risk of injury.

Rental #4: Sea Ride Dubai

The fourth rental of our small listing has a wide range of offers. From jet skiing to jet ski stand-up, there is a lot to experience. Boats are rented and there is even the possibility to go fishing to the waters of Dubai through this provider.

Jetski Standup is a normal ride with the jet ski, where the only difference to a commercial jet ski is the fact that the jet skis used in the jet ski stand-up are driven standing.

There are various tours on offer at this rental. One of the most sought-after and well-known tours will be “Burj Al Arab”. On this approximately one-hour excursion, you can take a jet ski to this world-famous hotel. The shortest route offered is to the Burj Khalifa. This small excursion takes only about 30 minutes.

On board the watercraft, the wearing of a life jacket is mandatory and there is a detailed instruction in the correct behavior, so that accidents can not happen in the first place. If you need information on other topics, you must contact the responsible persons of the rental. In this way, special questions about jet skiing can be easily eliminated.

Click here for the website of the rental company.


Jet skiing in Dubai is something very special that is difficult to put into words. The beauty of Dubai is that German citizens usually do not have to apply for a visa for the visitor to the United Arab Emirates.

In the neighboring country of Oman, things look different. Here, jet ski fans should first deal with the regulations for an Oman visa and the costs.

Even beginners can enjoy jet skiing in Dubai. You won’t have to worry, after the expert briefing, an experienced guide is on hand to meticulously supervise the first steps on the water.

We hope you enjoy jet skiing in Dubai!

Pssst: If you don’t have it (jet ski driver’s license) yet or just want to find out more, you should take a look at our article on the subject of jet ski driver’s license.

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