Several types of the Best Relaxation Massage in Calgary

We all know that there are many types of massage therapies available but what many people are unaware of the fact about massage is that there are over 80 massage types which are used to treat many different disease and each massage type is different form one another in all means.

Many people argue here that what is different in massage all the massage therapies include oil and massaging techniques, but the answer is there are many massage types which not only use oil and techniques they also use one’s physical strength so that they can fulfil the purpose of that massage for example shiatsu massage.

We will discuss about the best relaxation massage in Calgary later in the topic but for the brief understanding shiatsu massage types is one of the kind massage kind which uses physical movements of the body.

There are some other massage types which focus on the pressure and tension points of the body as our body have several hundreds and thousands of pressure points which are used for different purposes and message therapist use them for the massage purpose so that they can trigger the relaxation mode and our body feel relaxed and calm that is why they are known as best massage therapy in Calgary.

Some relaxation massage types are as under

Swedish Massage

This massage is a very common massage types and it is also used as the beginner level massage. You can say that just like we play games and whenever we play a new game we select the beginner mode so that we can get familiar to the game modes, same is the case with Swedish massage. Many massage therapists and physiotherapists refer this massage to the patients who are new in the massage service and their body is not aware to handle the pressure of the massage.

Apart from all the characteristic of the Swedish massage, this massage is very beneficial for muscle relaxing and body relaxing. This type of best relaxation massage in Calgary focuses on the muscles which are tired. This massage is an alternate to many other massage types for those people who are allergic to different type of massage we will discuss them later in this topic.

Shiatsu Massage

Basically this massage is not for the relaxation purpose but it gives relaxing effect after the session. This massage is a very old way to treat back pain and other tensions in the muscles. This massage uses the physical movement along with the massage techniques. A massage therapist allow patient to move but according to the direction given by the massage therapist because during the massage if the patients take a wrong move it can harm him in a bad way, so of you are having a shiatsu massage than it is very important for you to follow the instruction given by the massage therapist.

Deep tissue massage

As the name suggest, it focuses on the deep tissues of the body. Mainly this massage is used by the people who complains about the stuffed shoulder or related areas. This massage focuses on the connective tissues. Our muscles have connective tissues which also get tired when there is any tension in the muscles. The massage therapist in Calgary applies slightly high pressure on the body or affected area so that the tissue can get active and release the tension. This massage is very beneficial for muscle stiffness and shoulder pains.

Hot Stone Massage

This is a very unique kind of massage in all the massage types. This massage uses hot stones. Now naming of the hot stones does not means that burning stones, these stones are heated under certain temperature which is easily bearable to the human skin. These are flat heated stones which are very beneficial for the back pain and retain your health. These stones are placed on the back so that the heat of them can enter in the back area and release the compression from the muscles. This massage is used by many people who are not heat sensitive. People who are heat sensitive, this massage is not for you, you can either go for the Swedish massage of deep tissue massage.

Aroma Therapy

Just like hot stone massage, Aroma therapy is also a very unique kind of massage as it uses the human psyche to treat the tension and other stiffness. We all know that essential oils smell great. Apart from essential oils if we talk about your daily perfumes which we use, whenever we spray them, we feel instant freshness and it gives us a soothing and relaxing effect.

Same is the case with Aroma therapy, this uses the same technique to relax the human body. As essential oils are rich in aroma, therapist’s uses essential oils to massage the body. The massage technique used by the massage therapist is already one of the kind and cheery on the top is the pleasant smell of the essential oils.

This is used by many people around the world, but if you are allergic to aroma or scent or perfumes or any other smell then this message is not for you, you can easily switch to the Swedish massage or any other massage types after discussing this with your massage therapist.

On the Bottom Line:

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