Should I Wash My Car in Winter?

But winter can be a tough time for vehicles as water, dirt and road salt leaving their marks. This is why it’s important to establish a routine of regularly cleaning your vehicle during winter – even if stepping outdoors with a bucket and sponge isn’t the first thing you’d want to do in the cold, dark and chilly.

To make sure you keep your car in good condition this winter We’ve made a comprehensive guide to cold weather maintenance of your vehicle. Click the links below for the assistance and guidance that you require to keep your vehicle in good shape and looking great this winter.

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  • Exterior Car Cleaning in the Winter
  • Interior Car Cleaning in the Winter

Winter Car Cleaning was Winter

It is said that prevention is more effective than cure, and that’s true to cars as well. There’s a risk of scratches to your paintwork during the winter months, but If you can protect it in advance of the weather gets severe, you’ll not have so much work to keep it looking clean.

First, ensure that your vehicle is covered with a thick coating that is a thick layer of protection wax. It’ll keep dust off the car’s paintwork, shield it from weather damage and help in cleaning. You’ll also get the nice effect of beads during rain.

If you’ve been in a shower or have walked through muddy puddles you have to scrub the dirt out as quickly as you can. If you’re not in a position to wash your hair thoroughly then the best thing to do is to blast it with the pressure washer or hose using water to flush off the build-up.

If you own one, make use of the garden hose or pressure washer to clear debris and salt off the undercarriage as well as other difficult-to-access areas such as door jambs, wheel arches and spaces under the bonnet, bumpers, and boot.

When the roads are wet following an incident, the quantity of debris, dirt and salt increase and will have be cleared out as soon as possible to stop it from causing damage to the paintwork on your car.

Tip Take care when drying your car if haven’t washed it. If you find small pieces made of dirt visible on your car’s surface, these could become trapped under an water scraper or drying cloth , and result in scratches.

Waxing Your Car in Time for Winter

If you’ve never used a wax on your vehicle before, it’s not that difficult and is an excellent method to ensure that your car’s paint is protected ahead of winter’s arrival. If you’re able to invest in a quality hard wax, grab an ounce of Simoniz Original Wax and a microfibre fabric applying a light coating to each panel (ensuring that it’s dry and clean prior to applying the wax). After the wax has dried, you can rub it off using another smooth cloth or the chamois.

If you’re looking for faster results For faster results, we recommend our Fastshine Detailer is a spray-on wax. Remember to replenish it frequently.

If you’re in search of additional information and tips regarding the best method to protect the paintwork of your car Make sure to go through our guide for beginners to applying wax. The guide covers everything from selecting the correct type of wax and covering the swirl marks to ensure you get the best results from every application.

Interior Car Cleaning in the Winter

There are a few reasons that it’s difficult to keep the interior your car cleaning spotless during the winter. In the first place, you’ll be driving around often, which means dirt staining, marks and marks will appear more frequently. Also, consider that you’ll bring waterlogged footwear, wet doggies, and equally wet children in your vehicle, which could cause a lot of trouble to keep the car looking new and tidy.

Follow the steps below to maintain and care for your vehicle this winter.

The carpets and upholstery were clean

Even if you’ve got mats for your car and are extremely cautious, dirt can get into the carpets, leaving staining and smells.

For cleaning your upholstery and carpets quickly take care to remove dust by using a vacuum cleaner. Then, clean it applying Simoniz Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. Dried in dirt such as mud is difficult to move, and you should employ brushes to scrub into the fibers to take off any staining.

This instruction on how you can take care of the upholstery of your car offers all the information and guidance you require to vacuum and clean the soft upholstery surfaces inside your vehicle.

We also know the difficulty to clean car mats made of carpet and car mats, we’ve made the steps to get rid of salt stains off mats for cars in winter.

Keep the Windscreen Smear-Free

The fingerprints, dirt, and streaks on the interior of your windows might not seem like a huge issue however, when the sun shines on them on a winter’s day in the morning, when the sun is at a low point on the horizon, a dangerous flashes could affect your capability to drive in a safe manner.

Utilizing Simoniz Clean Vision glass Cleaner and an easy microfiber cloth, clean the exterior and internal glass with a soft cloth to get rid of dirt and smears that can create glare and cause issues with visibility.

Do you need assistance in┬áTop 10 Car windows Cleaners cleaning and headlights just in time to spring? Here’s our complete tutorial on cleaning car headlights and windows.

Tip In the event that you do not have lots of time to wash your car during winter, remember that our guide to shine gives you helpful advice on how to get your car shiny and clean both inside and out within just 15 minutes.

Why It’s So Important to Keep Your Car Clean in the Winter

Above tips however, it’s worthwhile to take time to study the many potential issues dirt could cause, so that you are aware of what to look for and what tasks you must prioritize.

Moisture Means Salt, and Salt Means Rust

When driving in winter you will come across things like grit, salt and decaying leaves that could all stick to the paintwork and the formation of harmful deposits. This in turn can lead to the formation of rust that will destroy the metalwork of your vehicle when left unchecked.

The moisture, dirt, and salt deposits are the most damaging to the undercarriage of your vehicle, as metal components aren’t as well secured. If rust develops here and you are exposed to many mechanical issues later on and watch the value of resales for your car drop when it’s time to sell it or sell it.


It’s not only for aesthetic and maintenance reasons that you should maintain your vehicle’s cleanliness in winter. There’s an aspect of safety to think about also.

In the case of example the windscreen of your car is stained and covered with leaves or tree sap This can result in reduced visibility, especially when driving under the winter’s low sun. The sun’s rays are more frequent in winter than during summer, since the sun’s intensity is lower in the afternoon during peak hours of driving.

Even if you’re not motivated to scrub your entire vehicle a thorough clean on a cold Saturday morning, make sure that glass surfaces are clean and have plenty of wash for your screen inside the reservoir. It’s also important to note that when you park your car close to trees, ensure that you clean the front, back and windscreen windows of any dead foliage prior to driving. The leaves not only affect your vision, they may create distractions to other motorists. It’s the same with snow and ice however, given the mild winters that we’re having in the UK This should not be an issue on a regular basis.

At Simoniz we’ve been caring for cars for a long time – weather or shine to maintain, clean and shine throughout the year. For more information, go to Simoniz’s website. Simoniz website


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