Want More Money? Start CUSTOM Product Boxes

Do you have an excellent and quality product? Then why are you neglecting the packaging? Remember, 50% of business success depends directly on the custom product boxes. Spending some dollars on the packaging might not look glamorous, but packages can commence to considerable savings. Sometimes, here is the strategy: you need to pay extra bucks to save your hard-earned money. It must look surprising but remember investing in anything as seemingly ordinary as customized packaging can make you save noticeable dollars.

Your packaging and product boxes have to fulfill many purposes. It shields the object during the transition and looks visually appealing. So personalized packaging serves various purposes but lets us learn how to save money by using it.

Custom Sized Product Boxes Reduce Shipping Cost

The e-commerce industry has bloomed so much in digital times that now customers custom milk cartons can 100% rely on them. So it is not supportive that logistics companies charge you a handsome amount. Shippers understandably want to fill the trucks and do not like to waste areas with air. Are you using an oversized box? The courier company may charge you more than the actual price.

Before understanding how cardboard shipping cases reduce the shipping cost, let us learn about their price calculation. Is transition price easy? You need to weigh the items and then calculate the charges. This technique might work in the past, but it is much more complicated today than before. You have to understand the formula.

Do you have an idea about the dimensional weight? If not, find out because it plays a considerable role in the shipping price. In the USA, most shipping companies use DIM pricing. It is a dimensional weight charge, which works on the volume of the package and the weight.

Formula to Calculate dimensions

Length times Width times Height. These DIM elements changed from 166-to 139. Shoes pay more for large cartons. So, how do customized Cardboard Boxes reduce the shipping charges?

So, selecting the personalized box for the article reduces the need for an oversized carton, reducing cost. It is one of how the bespoke packaging also in price reduction. Let us move further to find out more about it.

Zero Product Damage means No Return

What is the primary purpose of packaging? It is to protect the product from any harm. Have you ever gotten articles that were packaged with no care? Will your order again from that brand? No! Remember, damaged things are a simple way to lose the client’s trust, and it is one reason for the item’s return. According to the current survey, 52% of respondents claim broken articles are a huge frustration and challenge with returning objects. It shows two things:

  • You lose loyal customers by sending them broken items.
  • It also costs you. Returning shipping is another price you will have to adjust if the clients return damaged articles.

Product Box Designs

People get easily attracted by the glamorous box designs, but the box’s essential role is to secure what is present inside it. So it is best to go for the customized size packages. It ensures the items because manufacturers have the packaging as per the article requirements like size and shape.

 Think for a second, and you are sending the small thing in the vast carton. With empty arms in the carton, the product moves around during shipping. It will increase the damage’s chances. The oversized cases with air also compress if they place a heavier carton on its top.

Indeed you can fill the space with extra filling like Styrofoam peanuts, bubble wraps, and paper, but it increases the transition cost. So it is better to avoid such mistakes and save money.

Don’t Be careless about packaging and Spark Bad Reviews

You like to offer product protection, but not peanuts and air. You don’t wish the client is unboxing ridiculously-huge product boxes. Remember, no one wants to see the heap of waste and then plan to get rid of it.  Stuffing the package with many packaging fillers will not impress the customer, but it only costs extra money. Additionally, it can damage the company’s reputation.

Let us take Amazon’s example, which currently got asked to send a small carton of Oreos in a vast box loaded with bubble wrap and other plastic fillers. The user wasted no time and jumped on YouTube and Twitter to share their laughable opening experience. These customer reviews are not suitable for the brand, and you lose the business.

The cardboard boxes wholesale create the packaging as per the product specification. It makes the company look more responsible and professional. So avoids such situations and get the correct sized package for the products. 

Repeat This Line: custom product boxes size matters

We have discussed it already, but it is necessary to repeat it again and again. The oversized package charges you a lot. Many retailers sell various items, from soap to cosmetics, in different boxes, sizes, and shapes. You make like to stock up with the one standard sizes. This packaging must be of large sizes but think for a second. How will you react when receives the lipstick in the giant carton?

Remember the large carton cost you both way

  • More shipping cost
  • Package filler prices.

Let us do some simple calculations. Paying extra money on every carton can immediately translate to hundreds of wasted bucks with time.

Buy Product Boxes in Bulk 

Do you know you can buy the product packages in bulk? A question is a form where to get the packaging in large volumes. The product packing Box Inc or wholesalers distribute the cases in large quantities. Buying matters in bulk significantly reduces the prices.


What is the moral of the story? It shows to choose the box that fits your article promptly. By doing this, you are not saving money but also earning customer trust.  

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