Trollishly: 4 Best Tips to Use TikTok Question and Answer Feature

As you all know, TikTok is a platform with more valuable features for brands or individuals. Each year the app is updated with its features then and there. So, you could notice a dynamic change in the growth since 2016. The significant advantage of the TikTok platform is that it always provides an opportunity for brands to know more about their audiences. If the brands begin to understand the audiences, they will quickly grab millions of hearts online. 

Moreover, when we check out the TikTok app, it is unknown whether anybody shall become famous within minutes on the platform. So with just a single video, there are higher chances of gaining popularity. So marketers always keep an eye on the trends too. Furthermore, if you create a new video, utilize the latest features and grow your visibility. Even better, you should buy tiktok followers and upbeat your competition. 

When we check on the valuable features list of TikTok, the question and answer feature will surely be present. This guide thoroughly explains how you can effectively utilize the question-and-answer feature. Let’s get started!

What Is the Question-and-Answer Feature?

TikTok question and answer feature is where the app allows the users or brand marketers to post the questions directly to the audiences. After posting the questions, the audience may provide their opinions or answers through the comments. Sometimes, a tab section will be available where the questions will be asked on the platform. 

How Does the Question and Answer Section Work? 

Once the question is posted, a timeframe will be set, where the audience needs to answer those questions at a specific time limit. The answers will be sent to the person who posted them. So you can check every answer potential followers give and get to know their opinions. The brands will sometimes post questions on the TikTok stories using the link stickers. The link stickers are also available for Q & A. With Q & A sessions, it would be possible to increase engagement levels. Moreover, you shall try using Trollishly and shall reap better benefits.  

Benefits of Q & A Feature

  • The question-and-answer feature help to engage the audience. It makes them think more about your brand. 
  • It is an easy and user-friendly feature that helps you to have an in-depth understanding of the audience. 
  • So it is an easy way to connect with your audience. The audience will also have significant interaction with the brand. 
  • If the brands are launching a new product or planning to launch a new one, you shall have to ask their opinion on the latest product idea. As the audiences are your first priority, getting ideas from them is necessary. The fact is that when brands connect with their audience, it widens their knowledge of the improvement path. So success would be easy for the brands. 
  • It is a collection of data about the perspectives or interests of the audience. So it will always be helpful for the brand’s reference. If any marketing strategies need to be reframed, they could analyze the answers and take practical steps for the business. 
  • Moreover, it is user-generated content. If the answers are good, brands shall repost them and gain fame. 

Q & A on TikTok Profile

As per the recent update, it is possible to embed the Q & A on the TikTok profile. To do so, you must open the TikTok app and then go to the profile. Now click on the three-dot menu, tap on the Q & A settings and then turn on the profile switch. Once it is done, the Q&A option will appear on the profile. 

How to Post Questions on TikTok?

  • First, go to the TikTok settings, 
  • Select the creator tools. 
  • Tap on the big red ‘Asks questions’ option. 
  • Now you shall 

How Can Brands Ask Questions to the Audience?

So before asking questions to the audience, the brands have to know what they want in the final result. Here is how you can ask the questions audience as follows, 

1. Ask About the Challenges 

If you are a business, you must know about the customers’ challenges. If you are clear about the challenges they are facing in your niche, you can easily find the solution for those challenges. So finally, it will lead you to the research and development of a new product or service. So use this tip in your following Q & A session. 

2. Fun Questions

You have to include the fun element in a series of questions you are asking. The app is full of fun and entertaining content, so the audience will expect to have funny questions too. It may be like a riddle about your products or fun quotes about your product, etc., so it makes a strong connection with your audience. It significantly improves the credibility of your brand. 

3. Demographic Questions

Ask your audience the age, gender, place, etc. These all are known as demographics. You might think that demographic will help to strengthen the brand presence. Yes! Of course. With demographics, it is possible to analyze the potential customers for a particular product. All these are made to make your brand better and better. In addition, you should try using Trollishly, which has excellent benefits. 

4. Ask About Audience Interests

As said earlier, audience interests matter a lot. For example, ask the audience questions like’ Which is your favorite color?’ From this question, you shall get varied answers. With the majority of the answer, brands can decide on the packaging color of a product. It is how these questions will be helpful for the brands. 


On the whole, this feature is quite a great one when it comes to brand improvement. We hope you enjoy the article. Most marketers shall utilize this feature and shall enhance their online presence. Everything will not come at a single attempt, so keep trying and move forward. If you find it helpful, please leave your feedback below. Thanks for reading! 

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