Can I buy Citizenship in the Caribbean?

If you want to buy citizenship in the Caribbean, you must know whether or not you can afford it. A person who wants to get citizenship in countries of the Caribbean can get it through investments. 

Many Caribbean countries offer citizenship through investments. There are countries like Antigua, Grenada, and others that provide this opportunity. In this world everyone wants second citizenship to get to have massive opportunities in life like a quality life, with job opportunities. 

You will be amazed to learn these countries also provide visa-free travel to more than 100 different countries. Seeing all these positive results, who would not want to be a citizen there?

How to obtain Caribbean Citizenship? 

You can obtain easy Caribbean Citizenship by doing different methods but one of the best methods is by investment. Most importantly if you have a clean background and investment budget you are ready to go to the Caribbean. It’s that easy to become a citizen because they offer cheap investment plans that almost anyone can opt for. 

  • You can get citizenship by marrying a citizen. 
  • One can opt for citizenship through the naturalization process. 
  • An investment program can be found at any level, from the lowest to the highest. Looking for an investment program, you can go up to for example Caribbean countries like Dominica offer the lowest amount for citizenship. 


The procedure includes 4 main steps that may take time of a few months. 

  1. Preliminary due diligence: 

First of all, to get the process done. Be prepared for due diligence. In this process Investor’s diligence is checked through Immigrant Invest. This process takes only one day. 

  1. Preparation of documents: 

The second major process is to prepare the documents for the investor’s citizenship. Lawyers of Caribbean immigrants invest prepare all the documents and send them for verification and other purposes. Process can take four weeks approximately.

  1. Due Diligence: 

Now, after documents are prepared. The CBI unit involves in the process. They check the documents and background of the investor as well as his family. It takes four to six months.

  1. Approval and fulfilment of investment condition: 

Finally, the approval letter is received by the investor. Now the investor buys real estate and then he further invests in the business. 


  • Which Caribbean Citizenship by investment is best? 

ST. Lucia gives its investors the best package for citizenship through an investment program. They also have the fastest program for their clients. 

  • How much is a Caribbean Citizenship? 

Caribbean Citizenship gives 100,000 dollars contribution on return for investment in these countries. 

  • How do I become a permanent resident of Caribbeans? 

One can become a permanent resident in the Caribbean by investing 250,000 dollars or more to get that. However, before it was given about 500,000 dollars to get permanent citizenship. 

  • How long can you stay in the Caribbean without a Visa? 

A person can live for thirty days without Visa in Caribbean countries. However, most Caribbean countries don’t require visas for American Citizens. In rare cases, one can live more than sixty to ninety days. 

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On the last note, one can have citizenship in the Caribbeans through either naturalism or by marrying a citizen in the country. Caribbeans city gives better opportunities to the investors who invest to get Caribbean citizenship. One can get the right set of circumstances. Either they are in getting jobs, traveling to numerous countries, or living in the US. There are a few sets of steps to follow in order. These countries are also famous for their fastest citizenship.  

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