Consider These Ecommerce Platforms for Your Online Business

Standing out from a sea of rivals in the online retail market is no simple task. First and foremost, you are presented with a variety of eCommerce platforms from which to pick. This is not as simple as one might believe, because there are several things to consider, starting with knowing your own company objectives and then selecting the solution that best fits those aims.

The foundation of your eCommerce website is a critical aspect that every software development firm gives careful attention to in order to provide the best possible solution for your business and clients. If we had to name some of the top contenders, they would be:
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Contrary to the widely held belief that Shopify is the dominant eCommerce platform, this is not the case. According to BuiltWith statistics spanning one million websites and the platforms they are built on in 2018, WooCommerce takes the lead. Here’s a graphical depiction of the data collected.

From a business standpoint,

When we look at the market share information to get a closer look at the platforms and their performance, – the figures speak for themselves.

According to digital information world statistics, WooCommerce has the biggest market share by domain with 29.1 percent. Similarly, Squareshare is ranked second with 18.5 percent market share, while Shopify is ranked third with 181,371 market share. These first three positions enable you to make a more informed choice for your online business. However, just because they are the most popular and favored platforms does not mean you should select one of the three without thoroughly researching what they have to offer.

Before we go into the top 6 eCommerce platforms for you to better understand the best alternatives for your business, let’s go over the basics to strengthen your grasp of what an eCommerce platform is and its advantages.

What does eCommerce platform

In layman’s terms, an eCommerce platform is a specific software package that allows businesses to easily develop, maintain, and manage their online store. Furthermore, aside from online shop administration, these eCommerce platforms allow marketing, sales, and other operational tasks to be managed by their software solution.

There are other perks that do not come cheap, but they are well worth it since they give user-friendly alternatives for effortlessly managing your complete online business, including all web pages, with as easy as drag and drop options.

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To begin, you need to be aware that WooCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform as well as a WordPress plugin. Apart from that, it is the greatest solution in terms of usability and has a huge 29.1 percent market share when compared to other eCommerce solutions, with Shopify coming in third place.

This software solution is scalable as the firm grows, making it the most attractive and well-organized eCommerce software solution available. So much so that the vast majority of clients seeking online store development services go for WooCommerce development.


As previously said, Shopify is widely regarded as the dominant platform in the eCommerce space. It’s not far from the truth, since Shopify holds the third-largest market share and has seen great growth over the years.

Shopify’s intuitive drag-and-drop website builder and a large selection of pre-made templates, among other features, make it one of the finest alternatives for anybody wishing to start up their business online.

Benefit shophify

Aesthetically appealing and professional online shop creation: Using professional templates, you may establish visually appealing and distinctive online businesses.

  • Simple setup: Shopify does not have a difficult setup, and any non-technologist may easily set up this eCommerce platform. The admin interface is user-friendly and simple to grasp.
  • Security and dependability: When it comes to online businesses, one of the most important issues is security, and Shopify provides the utmost dependability in this area.
  • Shopify is a full-featured eCommerce software solution that allows for the design, management, and promotion of online stores using powerful marketing methods such as bespoke gift cards, discount coupons, email marketing, and much more.

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