Five Reasons Your Car may Still Look Dirty after Washing

One of the most frustrating problems I’ve encountered after washing my car was that it still looks dirty. There is no single reason for this, but there are some common causes that I can identify.

This blog post will discuss 5 possible reasons why your vehicle might still look dirty after washing it.

1. Use contaminated wash mitts or brushes

Using contaminated brushes and wash withts is one of the biggest traps I see when washing vehicles.

You could keep a wash mitt and a wheel brush in the same bucket, or dip a wheel brush into your wash bucket. It could also be as simple as not washing your hands.

This is because you forget to rinse your wash mitt off after coming in contact with your vehicle.

This can cause dirty water to be applied to an already dirty vehicle. It is one of the biggest beginner mistakes. It is important to maintain clean water. I like to spray my hands before I re-dive.

Although the bucket can accumulate dirt over time, as long there are thick foaming suds covering the mitt, you’re good to go.

2. Too little soap

You may also not be getting the results that you want if you don’t use enough soap.

It has happened to me before, but it is usually at the end of the wash, where suds are more difficult to make. This can be partly explained by the dirt in the bucket.

A bucket should be cleaned from time to time, especially if you are washing a larger vehicle. Dirt can sink to the bottom and cause suds to build up, making it hard to make new suds using the hose.

Tip: To ensure you have enough suds for everyone, use a foam gun

To wash my car I use a foam gun or cannon . You can also use the traditional bucket method but make sure to rinse your wash mitt and keep track of how much suds are in the bucket.

You can’t get dirt off your car if you don’t have proper lubrication.

It may seem inconvenient when you get close to the end, but it is best to rinse out your bucket and refill it whenever necessary.

3. Water hard

is often the reason your vehicle might still look dirty, even after washing it well. If your vehicle has been exposed to hard water spots (essentially dried impurities in water such as calcium and magnesium), it can sometimes look powdery-white.

These spots can be difficult to remove once dry. Many people recommend using towels or air dryers to get rid of water beads before drying.

If you suspect that your car is dirty, there are several things you can do. You can use a portable water deionizer for this purpose.

It is basically a device that you attach to your hose and filters your water.

My post Washing Your Car With Hard Water is available here. Three Spot-Free Solutions offers some tips and solutions. There are also a few water deionizers that can be used specifically to wash cars.

4. Dry soap

It’s best to wash your car under the shade. This is because soap can dry on contact in hot vehicles.

It’s almost impossible to wash a flaming hot car completely if you don’t use foam and water simultaneously.

If you’re a detailer or just want to keep cool, one solution is to buy an auto detailing canopy.

These can be purchased on Amazon. They are great for keeping cool, especially if you don’t have the time to Automatic wash your car.

This post was written to show you a few canopies that are portable and affordable and great for detailing and washing.

5. Use an automatic car washer

Car washes are great for cleaning your car , but they can be a little too harsh in some situations. Older car washes still using flappers and brushes can leave your vehicle filthy.

It’s quite common to see dirt on your car even after it has been washed with one of these soaps. This is because best car wash soaps are alkaline and effective at removing oils but not so good at dust removal.

Mobile detailers use friction (via brushes) or an acidic cleaner to remove dirt and dust.

Detailers who specialize in large semi-truck trailer washings use a two-step process that uses both alkaline and acidic chemicals to clean vehicles without the need for agitation.

However, this process uses chemicals that are often not used in consumer-grade car washes.


Let’s conclude that if your car remains very dirty after washing it, you may have hardwater, ineffective washing or too little soap.

It is a good idea to rub a wash cloth over dirt to remove the static bonds that it has formed.

I hope you find this post helpful in answering any questions you might have about the process.

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