Wipproller for children

Wipproller (also called Wippscooter) is a special form of children’s scooter with its own drive shape. Instead of repelling yourself from the ground, fortech hoverboards you bounce the running board to pick up momentum. The feet do not have to leave the wipproller.

A new trend?

Just recently, children’s scooters are celebrating their rediscovery again, as the Wipprollers are already a means of transport that has absolute trend potential. Because the Wippscooter is not yet available on the market for a long time.

How do wipprollers work?

The running board of the Wipproller can be moved up and down like a seesaw. By means of a chain, a cable hoist, or a hydraulic mechanism, the rear wheel is driven by the rocker movement and the scooter moves forward.

Otherwise, wippscooters are similar to their predecessors. They also have two wheels, a handlebar, and brakes.

These manufacturers should be known

The market for wipprollers is still manageable and is dominated by three brands. East Side Records has been successfully offering its space scooters for a long time, rock board rollers also appear frequently in the hit lists and the established children’s scooter brand Hudora recently also has its own wipprollers for children in the program. The first offers from Chinese dealers have also made it to Germany, but you should orient yourself in the pre-selection on the three manufacturers mentioned.

East Side Records

Rockboard Roller


Wipproller in the test

If you search the Internet for Wipproller reviews you will also find only a very limited overview. Unfortunately, Wipproller has not yet been tested by Stiftung Warentest, so you have to rely primarily on the experiences and reviews of other buyers if you want to find out about the quality and longevity of the Wipproller.

Wipproller for adults

Although some models of the Space Scooter series can withstand a total weight of more than 90 kilograms, the handlebar is often too short for tall adults. Therefore, the selection of suitable adult wipprollers is very limited. We have provided suitable alternatives at the end of the article.

Transport wipproller

Most wipes scooters can be transported in a space-saving manner because they can be folded. For example, you can fold the Space Scooter X580 to a size of 90 x 33 x 15 cm and easily store it in a normal trunk. The mechanics are easily implemented and easy to understand in just a few simple steps.

Junior Space Scooter

The Wipproller Junior Space Scooter is already available for children from 4 years in the colors blue and pink. In this way, boys and girls alike find what they are looking for and no gender is disadvantaged. Equipped with a rear brake with a handbrake lever, safety is also satisfied.

The weight of the Junior Space Scooter is about 6 kilograms and carries people up to about 60 kilograms. The wheels have a diameter of 140 mm.

Tip: The right model for children with a height of up to approx. 145 cm. Older children either grab the following Space Scooter X580 or take a closer look at the HUDORA Wipp Scooter 200.

Available in pink and blue

Recommended minimum age: from 4 years

Weight: approx. 6 kilos

Permissible payload: approx. 60 kilograms

East Side Records Space Scooter X580

For children from 8 years, the Space Scooter X580 is an absolute guarantee of fun. The X580 also features the patented drive system and the rear brake with a hand lever. The frame and running board or rocker are made of aluminum and steel.

With the Space Scooter, speeds of up to 25 km/h are quite possible with moderate effort, so emphasis should be placed on additional protective clothing such as helmets, and knee and elbow pads. The integrated air pressure shock absorber system ensures a comfortable ride even with slight unevenness.

An additional special feature: With a few simple steps, the X580 can be converted into a normal children’s scooter. So you get here two sports equipment in one.

Available in many colors (e.B. white, copper, silver, and black)

Recommended minimum age: from 8 years

Weight: approx. 9 kilograms

Permissible payload: approx. 90 kilograms

system: The wipproller can be converted into a pedal scooter

Hudora Rocker Scooter 200

The inventors of the popular children’s scooter Hudora Big Wheel 205 have also had their first wipproller on the market for over two years. The Hudora Wipp Scooter 200. For children from 10 years, electric longboards the high-quality processed model offers great fun on the road.

The 200 mm rollers can be accelerated in no time by rocking and scoring points on straight and slippery roads. The Hudora Wipp Scooter weighs only 6.7 kilograms with a maximum load capacity of 100 kilograms.

The height-adjustable handlebar can be adjusted up to 116 cm, which should still be sufficient for people up to about 165 cm. As an alternative to the wipproller and bicycle, however, pedal scooters for adults would still be considered.

Available in black/red

Recommended minimum age: from 10 years

Weight: approx. 6.7 kilograms

Permissible payload: approx. 100 kilograms

system: Can also be used as a normal scooter

Assembling Wipproller

The assembly and assembly of the Wipproller succeed within a few minutes, as the scooter is already mounted to a large extent. Before the first trip, it should be checked whether all parts are firmly seated, all screws are well tightened and the click closures are locked.

Alternatives to the Wippscooter


The scooter is the classic alternative to the wipproller. In terms of structure, both scooters are similar, but the drive type is completely different. As the name suggests, locomotion succeeds by kicking or repelling from the ground.

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