Monday Software vs Confluence Software – Best Practice Guide

The Monday software was introduced in 2012 for the first time. It has earned a decade’s experience in providing tools for CRM, marketing, creative content management, and more. The Confluence software was created in 2004 and it has 

Monday Software

The Monday software has numerous tools that support task management and enhance team collaboration among users too. The Monday software also provides products like canvas and forms for collaboration and job intake. Each product systemizes project management for teams. Here is a list of tools and products that users can find on the Monday software:

  1. Documents 

The document feature supports the creation of actionable workflows while communicating with your team. You can co-edit documents with team members and share comments with each other without wasting time. While editing, you can drag your text around without causing disruptions to other editors. 

Similarly, you can add context to your documents by adding videos, dashboards, or similar information that enhances them. Once all the information has been consolidated, you can execute it as an action. 

  1. Files

The files feature can be used to bring all the important documents on board and create a digitized source of data assets. You can make live annotations on the files directly to reduce the feedback loop with the team. Similarly, the status updates and notifications will ensure that the relevant members stay up-to-date about the details. 

The file versioning feature assures that each version of the file is saved so you can access it for reference at any point. In other words, you can organize each iteration of a file and access the most current one while you are working too. 

  1. Dashboards

The Monday software is equipped with the dashboard feature that displays essentials about projects such as task dependencies, timelines, deadlines, progress, etc. The bird’s eye view provided by dashboards ensures that you are ahead of each factor. 

In fact, you can use dashboards to assign tasks to team members as well as set due dates. In fact, you can also take a look at what each member is up to. 

  1. Automation 

Gone are the days when you had to manually enter details resulting in a lot of wasted time and errors. The Monday software integrates automated processes for assigning tasks to users, setting dates, requesting updates, and similar processes. Incidentally, you will be able to move across projects faster than usual. 

  1. Gantt & Kanban 

The two visual tools accessible through the Monday software are Gantt and Kanban. By using the Gantt charts, you can access the project timeline to track timelines, deadlines, and milestones. By importing CVS sheets, you can ensure that there is data continuity and that your tasks are not interrupted. 

The Kanban time tracking will help you balance your workload as well as ensure that you are able to create workflows within minutes. You can push the product faster as you can access instrumental details easily. 

Monday Demo

The Monday website features a blog that has information regarding the product in the form of articles. The Monday demo is integrated with the blogs and comprehensively sheds light on each feature of the platform. 

Monday Pricing 

The Monday pricing is divided into five plans and each can support a team with unique requirements. The first option is entirely free and has a limited range of task management features like unlimited boards, unlimited tasks, and more than 200 templates. The basic pricing plan costs $8, the standard costs $10, and the pro charges $16. The price of the enterprise plan can be generated by filling in a form on the website. 

Confluence Software

The Confluence software boosts collaboration between teams by providing sustainable options for documentation of data, execution of decisions, and project management. The following list will discuss the important features of Confluence:

  1. Collaborative Functions 

The Confluence software supports spaces and pages that are unique ways of communicating with the team in real-time. The spaces function as an area where the pages are saved. Meanwhile, pages are the documents through which teams can co-create and co-edit projects. They provide teams with a platform where they can discuss their ideas. 

  1. Documentation 

For project management, it is crucial to consolidate data and documents. The advanced search function will let you look for information quickly through labels and an intuitive page hierarchy. You can, furthermore, shape your documents with any of the 75 templates. In fact, you can connect developmental tools with Jira integrations so all your important data is centralized in a single space. 

  1. Data Sharing 

The Confluence software closes the gap between communication by providing a channel for sharing documents. You can, however, retain control over what users can access through the permissions feature. Sensitive information regarding the project can be kept private while other components can be shared. 

The personal homepage provides quick access to your most recent projects, drafts, and spaces as well. Therefore, you can stay ahead of the ongoing activity and ensure that you are on top of popular feeds.

Confluence Demo 

In order to maximize the productivity level of Confluence for your projects, it could be helpful to learn about the features. The Confluence demo is available in the form of short videos listed on the website and will help you gain insight into the functions.

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Confluence Pricing 

Confluence pricing supports four types of plans so teams of all sizes can use it to manage their data and documents. The first plan with limited options is completely free. For instance, it includes access to macros, unlimited spaces, page versioning, and more. The standard pricing option costs $55, the premium charges $105, and the price of the enterprise is available upon request. The enterprise gade pricing plan provides a higher level of security and governance of projects whereas permissions are also applied across the firm. Meanwhile, it also provides access to unlimited data storage options. 

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