Top Ways to Stop Your Internet from Being Stolen

The Internet is an important utility of our daily use and like other basic utilities, such as water, gas, or electricity can be stolen, the same applies to the Internet as well. Whether users use a top-range service provider such as Wave Internet or use a newly launched ISP, the threat of the internet bandwidth being stolen looms over.

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Unfortunately, this threat is for all kinds, whether you use cable internet, DSL, or even fiber optic for that matter, the internet is not as secure as it’s often thought about. That’s why all users must know how to protect their wireless and non-wireless connections and learn to keep them safe. Although it is quite difficult to find out if someone is stealing the internet, there are several methods, which can be utilized by users to secure their connection, especially if there is a strong instinct, that it is being used by someone outside the home.

How to Detect if Someone Has an Illegal Access to Your Home Internet

Although there are several ways to figure out if a user’s home internet service or Wi-Fi is being stolen, a common factor that’s often a major giveaway is slowed speeds. Even though a user may initially think that this could be a network problem but if all’s well from the service provider’s end, then users need to check other factors that can slow down an internet network.

While there are several other approaches to figuring out if the internet has been hacked or stolen, users can simply employ some of these ways to find out who’s using the internet without their permission. The best part is that they can even do so, without confronting the trespasser in person.

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Often, the neighbors have been using the internet without permission. To prevent this any further, users can utilize some simple ways, such as using third-party security apps, checking the router, etc. to name a few, to tackle this situation most practically, without any aggression or even hostility on either end.

How to Identify and Verify Which Unfamiliar Smart Devices are Logged In

Use some of the following methods to control stolen internet situations as these will uncover the petty thief, that’s gotten into the home system. Some of these ways will determine and check which unknown smart devices are logged in the network:

Utilize Third-Party Mobile Apps

Users can easily use a third-party mobile app to their benefit, as there is an app for everything these days. So it should be absolutely no worry to locate when and where the internet is being stolen. Once, users can locate the hours when their internet is used illegally, they can use such an app to figure out if the neighbors are logged in without permission or any homeless person(s) in the area is doing it.

One such fantastic app is Wi-Fi Guard that’s available for both Android and iPhone, which users can download and view the devices that are logged in their home internet network. This way a user can view all the devices that they know about along with unknown ones.

Utilize a Router Mobile App

The routers that are sold today, all come with their mobile app, which is specially designed so that the user can control the device and their internet service from the convenience of their phone. This way not only the user can manage their internet account but they can also view the list of the devices that are connected to the router. If they come across a device, which they are unable to recognize, then that’s the one, that has been stealing the internet.

Utilize Status Lights on a Router

Users can also use their router to determine and check which unknown devices are logged into their home network connection, especially if they are not interested in downloading another app on their smartphone.

A traditional router will start blinking its lights if additional devices are connected to it. That’s when users should check the reason for the flickering lights on their router. They can do this, simply by switching off all smart devices in the house. Once all are shut, if the router lights stop flickering, then that means that no outsider has access to a home internet network.

However, if the opposite occurs and the status lights on the router continue to flicker, then this means that the internet is stolen and used by an outside party.

Inspect Admin Control Along with Network Map

Finally, if none of the above-mentioned methods works, simply access the router’s admin control panel, where the network map can be used. It shows all the devices that are presently connected along with the ones that were connected to the network in the past, as recent as last night, to the devices that were initially connected when the internet network was newly installed in the house.

Since this approach is far more time-consuming than the other ones that are mentioned, this method also requires users to input their correct username and password as well as their correct IP address to see the results.

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Wrapping up

If a user is still not able to protect their internet from thieves, despite changing passwords to cut them off, they can upgrade the security system on the router. Users should also change their IP address, which can simply be done by resetting the modem or by connecting through a VPN. If this also doesn’t work, simply contact technical assistance to counteract this menace.

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